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Lest We Forget...

Hundreds of our fellow Americans were lost in combat as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action, too many remain unaccounted for. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are the truest of American Heroes, yet they bear no medals and receive no parades. We may never actually have a full accounting of all the Americans we've left behind, but there can be no excuse for forgetting them. I have "Adopted" this particular Marine, who has been Missing in Action since 1966. It could have been any one of them, from any branch of service and I would feel just as proud of his service and be just as ashamed of our lack of fortitude in having left him unaccounted for, for so long. I ask you to read this short story of one of our Missing American Heroes.

Gregory John Harris, Corporal U.S. Marine Corps, 1st Marine Division
Born on 1 October 1945, Home City of Record: Toledo OH (or Syracuse NY)
Date of Loss: 12 June 1966, in the Republic of South Vietnam
Status (in 1973): Missing In Action

Corporal Gregory J. Harris was a radioman with a South Vietnamese company operating in Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam. On June 12, 1966, the 5th Vietnamese Marine Battalion Headquarters was overrun by Viet Cong forces. According to the U.S. Marine Corps, Harris was captured. Two officers with Harris were killed, but the South Vietnamese saw Harris captured alive and apparently unhurt. According to Marine Corps records, Harris died in captivity. The Defense Department has never classified Gregory Harris as a prisoner of war even though the Marine Corps believes he was captured and died in captivity. He was placed in a casualty status of Missing in Action.

In the summer of 1973, after Harris did not return with the released prisoners of war, his mother, Catherine Helwig, did something quite remarkable to tell the world that all the men did not return. She walked 450 miles in one month from Buffalo, New York to New York City. When asked why she did this, she responded, "If your child was lost in the forest you would not stop the search at the end of twenty four hours. I can't look for my's better than staying awake night after night."

At the same time Mrs. Helwig was walking, then-President Nixon was declaring the task of accounting for the remaining missing, "Our Highest priority". President after President has termed the accounting "highest national priority". Not too much has changed. The men are still in Southeast Asia. Their sons, daughters and grandchildren are marching and protesting because mounting evidence indicates that many of them are still alive.

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