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Top's Tun Tavern Awards

I am very proud of these awards, presented to my site by other homepage owners and organizations. Especially so, since I do not solicit awards but proudly display those sent to me by others. You will find links to their sites below each award. Please visit them, you won't be disappointed!

This special liberty pass was presented by the proprietor of Top's Duty Hut. Take a look at his site, your going to like it!

This is from Jules' Patriotic Pages Please pay her site a visit. It's worth your time.

Jenny Ward sent me this one. Visit her site,Jenny's Purple Page I think you'll like it.

From the folks at My thanks to the "Military Spouse" section editor Kelly Farmer for nominating my site.

This one's from Mike Healy's site Marine Corps Songs and Stories Thanks Mike!

This beauty comes from ~Grandma's Home~...Thanks for the award and the cookies!!

I'm proud to display this award and to be a member of Operation Just Cause.

This is from Lance Parcell (Sergeant of Marines) I appreciate it Sarge!.

From Al VarelasThanks Al! I display it with pride.

From Jim "Bugsy" Moran who's a veteran of the "Gator Navy". Thanks Jim!

From Bill Osborne. Thanks Bill!

From Liz Kibbler's Spouse Page. Take a look at this page, you'll love it!

This is fromWade's World. Check out Wade's'll enjoy it a lot.

This beauty is from my real time pal Lori (aka..Cutie Pi).

This is from e8mc's DI page. Ain't it Great!!

This one was presented by The Winsdor Police Website. They have a great site dedicated to Law Enforcement and Veterans.

This one was presented by Chuck "Doc" Stewart. Don't miss his site, it's the best military and veterans related site I've seen!

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