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Top's Fun Links Page

Here you'll find links to lots of different kinds of pages. I've grouped them in general catagories for convienience.

Have Fun!!

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These links are to some of my friends home pages:

Softbreeze's Home Page
This is my wife's page, it's a beautiful place with a wide variety of links, I think you'll like it!

Jeff & Naomi's Homepage
This site belongs to a friend in the Corps who's new to webpage building, but learning fast. If you love cars or dogs, you should take a look.

Scott Kettman's Home Page
This is another site owned by a friend from the Corps. Scott has a wide variety of interests and their reflected in his page. You'll enjoy it.

Silent Lucidity's Cyber-Cafe
Original poetry & drawings, lots of links. A very well constructed site. You'll be impressed.

MadPuppy's Dog House
A cyber friend from Texas...Tell him I sent you.

The Princess Buttercup's Palace
Pretty page with good links and music from "The Princess Bride".

Cutie Pi's High Lonesome Ranch
The home page of one of my personal RT friends. Take a look at her hubby's Marine Page too!

Glimmer and Bill's Corner
Home page of a couple of cyber friends. Stop by their place and make yourself at home.

Sexy Legs Hangout
My first chat pal. Take a look and visit some of her links.

These links will let you send surprises to friends or lovers:

Virtual Flowers
Send a virtual bouquet to your sweatheart..FREE!

A Kodak page
Design and send a virtual Multi-media post card...FREE!

Baskin Robbins Page
Send sweet treats and virtual birthday cakes...FREE!

A&A Pacific Products Collectables
Send virtual post cards or order real gifts.

Virtual Presents Home Page
Send virtual cards, vacations, cars, furnature,'ll find the perfect gift here...FREE!

Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards
Amazing multi-media cards for all occasions...Great variety, very user friendly...FREE!

The Park
More beautiful multi-media gifts, cards, and notions to send to a special someone...FREE!

Internet Card Central
Another great place to make and send virutal cards of all kinds.

Flashy Cards
Check out this virtual card center for sure. Very interactive and fun!

These links are to general fun spots or places of interest...

The John Wayne Tribute
If you like John Wayne, go here! Terrific page with movie sound bites, quotes from the Duke, movie clips and more.

Windsor Police Website.
This is a great site centered on law enforcement and the military and veterans affairs.

Chuck "Doc" Stewart's Military Dedication Pages.
This is the best military and veterans related page I have seen. Please go here!

Saturday Nostalgia
If you are a child of the 1950's, you'll love this page! What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show? I'll bet it's here.

If the previous link is definative Saturday TV...then this is definative Saturday's at the Movies. Hop-A-Long...Roy...Gene...Cisco...they're all here!

Jim Janke's Old West Page...
This page is amazing. Exaustive links to everything you can possibly want to know about the American West of the 1800's.

The American West...
Another huge collection of links to a wide variety of interesting, educational, and informative places having to do with the American West.

American Movie Classics Page...
You classic movie fans really should visit this one. If you like the movies, you'll spend a lot of time here.

Humor Archives
Lots of jokes, stories, quips, etc...quarenteed to give you a chuckle.

Here are some great places for the kids to enjoy on the internet. Please help them explore these locations and teach them about internet safety:

Disney Home Page
What can I say? It's the Walt Disney home page.

The World Kids Network
This is a wonderful place with entertainment and education for kids from preschool through teens. I guarentee your kids will love it.

Kid's Play Place
A fun place for the younger kids (1st through 6th grades) with lots of games and activities.

Kids After School Clubhouse
Another good spot for the grade school age group. Cyber books, puzzles and games. They'll like it.

Little Explorers
This is a wonderful place for pre-schoolers. Interactive and fun, it will help teach letters and numbers while they become familiar with computer.

CBS Kids Zone
This page has lots of games and activities for kids ages 6 to 16.

KidsCom Home Page
Great site for kids ages 6 - 14. Requires regrestration and notify's parents that kids have regrestered. Very good site for kids!

Cyber Haunts for Kids.
This page will keep your children occupied forever! Over 100 safe, fun, interesting sites on the internet for kids of all ages!

These links are to pages where you can start your own home page, learn about home pages, or get things to improve the look of your page.

TRIPOD home page service
Build your own home page. This is the service that sponser's my page...FREE."

The Way home page service
Another home page building service also FREE."

GeoCities home page service
Yet another home page builder also FREE."

The Icon Depot
This is a premier place to download gif's of all kinds. Be sure to check this out!

The Ultimate Midi File Collection
Great collection of midi files and links to other midi file pages.

Dee Dee's Animation Collection
Super collection of animated icons of all kinds, you gotta see these!

HTML Color Chart
This page give you the #codes to add just about any color you want to your pages.

Geoff's Images Page
Icons, backgrounds, animated icons and graphics of all kinds.

If you have a web page of your own, here's a great tool. It reviews your homepage, gives you a detailed report on errors, & recommends fix's for any problems it finds. It checks the validity of your scripting, the pages loading speed, the validity of your links and many other useful features. Give it a try!


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